Business & Organizational Development

Noble Strategies, LLC works with organizations to find innovate strategies for their complex organizational structures. Noble Strategies, LLC implements assessments in various sectors:

  • Customer service efficiency
  • Cost analysis for sales and product lines
  • Professional staff development
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Myers Briggs and other personality assessments

Other Services:

  • Program Evaluation
    • Program Evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using data (your information) to be more informed about your initiatives or projects, and assess their effectiveness and efficiency, especially how to improve or validate their impact.
    • Noble Strategies, LLC uses various methodologies, such as Logic Models, Results Based Accountability (RBA) modules, Continuous Improvement, and other structures to find the right tool for your project.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Planning is a process in which the leadership of an organization methodically decides to analyze its strategies for long-term success, formulate new strategies, set goals with a structure for tracking and review and analyze strategies regularly throughout the year. Strategic planning includes resource allocation, budgeting, program evaluation, and calculated growth.
  • Grant Management
    • Noble Strategies, LLC offers grant management services that align efforts and leverage community resources for programs and initiatives that are attached to proven outcomes.